Model migration

New Paper: Scientific Disagreement

Here’s something I’m going to try to do from now on. When I have a new paper coming out, I’ll write up a little comment on how the paper came about and what it says. Here’s the first such post. Naftali Weinberger and I have a new paper coming out in Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science A. It’s called “Making Sense of Non-factual Disagreement in Science”. I thought I’d write something about how the paper came about.

Models on the Move: Migration and Imperialism

We introduce 'model migration' as a species of cross-disciplinary knowledge transfer whereby the representational function of a model is radically changed to allow application to a new disciplinary context. Controversies and confusions that often …

Modelling Inequality

Econophysics is a new and exciting cross-disciplinary research field that applies models and modelling techniques from statistical physics to economic systems. It is not, however, without its critics: prominent figures in more mainstream economic …