A Neat Mathmode Trick

So here is a neat trick I saw in response to a question I asked on tex.stackexchange. This post also serves as a way for me to try out some code markdown. Put this in your preamble:

    \advance\count255 by 1

Now add \PrintMathFonts at various places to see what math alphabets have been used up to that point. It will print them to the .log file.

Using “math” rather than the proper “maths” here might rile my British English (also known as “proper English”) readers. Let me explain. I have decided that used in this context, “math alphabet” and related concepts like “math mode” are terms of art, and thus can have an alternate spelling. Likewise, I’m happy to say that I “program” a computer, though I would insist that I watch “programmes” on TV. This started as a way to try out code blocks and seems to have descended into a vain attempt to forestall language peevery.

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