My Reasoner Columns

Here is a list of the “What’s hot in uncertain reasoning” columns I have written for The Reasoner. As you will see, there are some gaps where I didn’t write a column, though I do try to write something most months. The archive of previous issues is available here. Each piece is pretty short, less than 800 words, typically, so these are pretty impressionistic sketches of the topics discussed. 2017 May: Ban the term “Bayesianism”, since it doesn’t have a stable meaning June: On Hannes Leitgeb’s The Stability of Belief and the methodology of formal epistemology July: Framing real world decision problems September: A call to arms for a theory of evidence October: No column, but a “The Reasoner Speculates” piece on idealisation in formal epistemology and an analogy to “leaky abstractions” in software design November: Deploring the state of the public understanding of science, and some thoughts on what we ought to do about it December: Probabilities over rich(er) logical languages 2018 January: No column, but an editorial on the rewards and challenges of the interdisciplinarity of work on uncertain reasoning; also, my interview with Greg Wheeler March: A taxonomy of different kinds of uncertainty April: Superintelligence, high cost low probability events and precaution June: An appreciation of Gärdenfors' Knowledge in Flux and Kreps' Notes on the Theory of Choice.