As a kind of structured procrastination, I have developed a couple of La/TeX related goodies. I can’t promise that any of them will work for you, only that they work for me. The source files are copiously commented for the edification of the curious. Prefer the CTAN releases where available for stability, and the github links for cutting-edge awesomeness. Feedback on any of these projects is welcome. Please email tex at the current domain name.

Introduction to LaTeX

I ran a small “Introduction to LaTeX” course for LSE’s philosophy students a while ago. These notes are a slightly cleaned up version of the notes they got.


My first LaTeX package. What colourchange does is make beamer’s structural elements slowly change colour from frame to frame. For a long presentation the effect is slow enough that it is almost not noticeable from one frame to the next.


This package provides the following new enumerate styles.

All of the grunt work is done by fmtcount, alphalph and enumitem.


This package is still in beta. By which I mean “it is broken”. It’s not on CTAN yet (because it is broken).

The plan is that this package will offer a (reasonably) robust way to add approximate input file line numbers to the output pdf. It also outputs the names of inputted files, included graphics, and so on.