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How to Link to Your Own Blog Posts in Octopress

So it turns out that some of the links on this blog were broken. They should all be fixed now and I thought it would be worth writing a quick post to explain how I make links to my own posts.

First, I have made my root directory be /blog. That is, I have the line root: /blog in _config.yml. This is relevant to what follows. Now you could link to your own posts just by linking the whole URL starting http://… and so on. But I prefer to make the links shorter. So to link to this post I would write the following:

How to link to your own posts
[This](/blog/2012/04/24/how-to-link-to-your-own-blog-posts-in-octopress/) is a working link

Note that the link starts with /blog (since that’s the root). I had some problem with a few links not liking having a trailing slash, but I can’t replicate the problem now.

I’ve also had some trouble writing this post. I don’t know how to get syntax highlighting for markdown. I tried lang:markdown in the codeblock but that didn’t seem to work.